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How to use

How do I add a new job application to track?

  1. You need to first log in to your account before you can start adding a job application.
  2. Go to the Dashboard and on the top right side of the page there will be a Add job button.
  3. A pop-up screen will be displayed. Enter all the necessary and relevant information.
  4. Click Save.

Can I set up reminders for important dates like Interviews or Application Deadline?

Yes! To do so, while saving a new application just enter the reminder date. You'll be reminded by us one day in advance. So that you never miss that important deadline.

What does Status mean?

It is the stage in the job application process you're currently in. If you have just begin your search with this application, you can mark it as Interested and set the appropriate deadline for submission of job application. And if you have already interviewed, you can track the number of companies which have not updated their final decision and analyse your funnel.

Can I update the Status of my application after I add it once?

Jobtrackable is a CRM. As a result, we expect you to progress through different stages in the funnel.

  1. On the Dashboard page you'll see all the jobs that have you saved.
  2. Hover your mouse over the job that you want to update and click. You'll be taken to a page where all the details will be displayed. You can update the details here.

What type of jobs can I add?

You can all kinds of jobs. Whether you are looking for an internship, a new job or you're a freelancer looking to keep track of all the opportunities. We can help you with all of those and many more.

How should I efficiently keep a track of all my upcoming deadlines and important dates?

A good practise would be put a reminder in every job post that you save. This way you'll get an email notification. Another benefit of doing so is that you can view all your upcoming reminders in the Calendar view. To enter Calendar view, click on the calendar icon next to your name and email id in the top section of the dashboard page.

What is the Kanban view?

Kanban is a scheduling system. You can view all the applications sorted according to their Status in the Kanban view. This makes it easier for you track and priortize applications.

How do I navigate Kanban view?

You can drag the cards between the various lists. The cards are stacked according to their Status which changes when you change their list. You can also expand those cards to view a small summary of that application. To go to Kanban view, click on the Kanban icon next to your name.

What is the Calendar View?

Calendar view shows you all the past and upcoming deadlines. The reminder date that is associated with every job application is used to populate these dates.

It comes handy when you want to track upcoming deadlines.
To go to Calendar view, click on the Calendar icon next to your name.

General questions

What is the Beta Access?

Currently, we am working with a limited number of job seekers so that we can understand and perfect the application before opening it to everyone. As the application is still buggy and a lot of improvements have been lined up, we would really appreciate if you give in your inputs on how to make it more valuable for you. To do so, head over to our Suggestions page to leave your suggestions.

Can I share an account with a friend?

You cannot share accounts, but we do make it easy to invite friends and receive discounts. When friends signs up you both receive a 10% discount toward any plan. Get an entire year for free when 10 friends sign up!

Is it time taking? Wouldn't I be better off by just applying to more jobs?

Everything good requires some effort. So yes, you'll need to fill in the jobs. But no, mindlessly applying to more jobs will not help you either. Most of the applications need to be followed up. And unless you have a system to help you, you're staring at sleepless nights wondering which application to follow up next.

Let us take that burden.

Why can't just use a spreadsheet or a Trello board?

You can. If you have only a few job applications to track. With Jobtrackable, you can set up reminders. Set priority level for each application. Track the next interview date and later use it for career development. You'll also get to log in your acheivements at your job which will come handy when it is time for your next performance appraisal. We aim to develop a long lasting relationship in your career development.

Who can see the applications that I add?

Only you. We respect your privacy so no one else can look at the applications added by other users.

Trial Period

Is there a free trial ?

Yes, all you need is a valid email address. Get started with your free trial of Jobtrackable. Visit here to register.

How long does a trial last ?

14 days.

Are there any limitations during the trial period ?

There are no limitations during the trial period. You can use it as much as you want to track your job applications. However, the Lifetime account lets you find 10 contact emails at companies you're interested in.

Do I need to provide my credit card or billing details to start my trial period ?

Absolutely not. You only need a valid email address.

Can I sign up for a new trial afterwards?

No. You can't start a new 7 day trial, but I would be happy to help you if you're looking for your first job. Contact me at


Do I need to be a paid user to use Jobtrackable?

No. You can use the trial period of 7 days as much as you want with no limitations. After the trial period, you'll have the option to upgrade to any of the premium plans.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. There is a cancel subscription option in your profile page. You will still have access to all premium features till your billing cycle ends.

I still have some questions, how do I contact you?

Please mail me at for any questions. I am really fast in replying mails but give me a few hours. :)

Do I need to cancel my trial before it expires?

No. You don't need to provide your credit card details to start the trial so you don't need to worry about any surprise charges.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all debit, credit cards and Paypal.

Are the payments secure?

Yes. All the payments are processed by a licensed payment gateway with 256 Bit SSL encryption compliant with PCI DSS norms.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes. For every friend of yours who purchases the subscription, we give 10% to both you and your friend. Log in to your account, go to your profile page and generate the referral code. Share this referral code with your friend.

Can I pay monthly?

Yes you can. Although you'd save money by going with the Standard or the Lifetime plan.


Keep track of your job opportunities - notes, interview dates, reminders, job descriptions and more.

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