Never miss any job opportunity

Recruiters want you to follow up with them. 37% of job applications get rejected because no one followed up.*

Saumya Sharma

Anybody can set it up and it replaces the need of Google Sheets, Trello and Calendar. It helped me stay on track and gave me constant reminders to follow up on my job applications. 

Patrick Haynes

I was skeptical whether I actually needed something like this or not. But I am glad that I gave it a try. I started checking in with recruiters and this got me more interviews. It's a virtual job search assistant. 

Never miss what matters most

Secure your dream job with the right tools to manage job applications, documents and relationships

Organize your job search

Just add all the job openings you're interested in or the ones you've already applied for. 

Jobtrackable keeps track of every detail of your job applications.

Easily track what stage each application is in.

Visualize your job search with Kanban board. You can easily view all your applications according to their status.

Prioritize the right jobs

Quickly see where to focus

your efforts. Follow-up on the job applications you've submitted and the job

postings you've saved.

Get notified when it is time to follow up

Set reminders and follow-up

tasks. Everything you need to ensure that you never miss any

job opportunity again.

Why should you follow up? It can help you convert more job opportunities

37% of candidates are rejected simply because they forgot to follow up with the hiring manager. Even though they had the right qualifications and skills.

Never miss what matters most

Save jobs from anywhere on the internet. All the information you would need later can be saved.

Set reminders. Follow up the entire funnel from application to interview to the acceptance stage.

Add pros and cons for each job you add so that you can make your choice.

Chart your progress with graphs and conversion data. Identify your weak point to land your dream job.

Want to convert more job opportunities?

14 day trial period. No credit card required


Keep track of your job opportunities - notes, interview dates, reminders, job descriptions and more.

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